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Fiona Paxton’s love affair with jeweler came about as an experiment. Her love of textures and her ability and commitment in blending seemingly opposite materials grew out of her training as a textile designer at London’s Royal College of Art, and her experience working as a textile designer for fashion houses and studios. On what inspires her: “For me it is always about the mix of texture, color and materials.” A longtime lover of Art-Deco and modern contemporary architecture, and her background in textiles gives her a unique position in the jeweler world. One of Paxton’s ambitions was to redesign the accessories of a modern global traveller, a goal she has ostensibly achieved with the best stores in the world and the hottest celebrities sporting her designs from Rihanna to Kate Moss.

Paxton has worked tirelessly with Indian artisans since the launch of her line in 2008; this adds for her a traditional and wearable facet to her products which would otherwise remain abstract creations. “My relationship with the artisans who produce my work is incredibly important to me and I love the process of combining my very contemporary inspirations with their skills and traditions.”

Fiona’s pieces have also been featured far and wide in the press, including The New York Times, The London Times, The Daily Telegraph Stella Magazine, Grazia, and Vogue in the UK, Germany and Japan.


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