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Jumpsuiting for Joy

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Jumpsuits have always been a hot trend, but they’re now more wearable than ever. If you still look at a jumpsuit and think “I can’t wear that” for whatever reason, it’s time to think again!

Two of our favorite jumpsuits this season are so different from each other that they’re sure to please a variety of people. Whether you’re a jumpsuit rookie or pro, a trendsetter or more of a casual chick, we’ve got you covered. Literally. From head to toe. 😉

First, this Maja Jumpsuit by Black Halo is such a classic. You can make it totally your own with jewelry, shoes, accessories, jackets and more. It’s perfect for a night on the town. Not convinced? Check out celebrities from Taylor Swift to Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba  wearing similar ensembles below. These ladies all have such different personal styles, which means it will work for you, too!

Still not ready to “jump” into a fancy jumpsuit? Well, then the MKT Studio Denim Jumpsuit is perfect for you. You’ll feel comfy and effortless but look so cool and fashionable! I’ll admit that when I first saw it, I said “Ugh, I wish I was taller so I could wear that.” Guess what? A bunch of us here at dresscode – of all shapes and sizes – tried this number on and it looked cute on every single person. Rihanna, Rachel Zoe, and Kourtney Kardashian have all been spotted in denim jumpsuits of their own. Note how differently Rachel and Rihanna styled theirs!

Ready to jump in with both feet? (Punny, right?!) Come in to dresscode today and check out these new styles and so many more!

— Haley

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